The types of loft ladders available to you

Leicester Loft Ladders are able to offer you a comprehensive range of types of loft ladders - with each type having its advantages.

 We only use the best manufacturers and products available ; Youngmans, Lyte, Fakro. Our surveyor will  easily explain the differences and guide you through the range quickly and simply. He will be able to offer you a solution to your requirements, starting at the cheapest, which in most cases is a top quality user- friendly aluminium 2 or 3 stage ladders which start at only £99 supplied and fitted. Unless you have a preference for a particular type of ladder.

For any loft ladder to function you will need a hinged- down loft access door. These also start at £99 supplied and fitted. We can also increase the entrance size and fit plastic loft access doors .

We only use the best manufacturers and products available.

We do not require a deposit and you pay after fitting when you can see the high standard of product and workmanship. 

Why pay more?
Standard loft ladder

Standard Loft Ladder

Three Stage Loft Ladder

Three stage loft ladder
Telescopic loft ladder

Telescopic Loft Ladder

Wooden Loft Ladder

Wooden loft ladder
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